Ashley Callinghbull Giving Voice to Change

Dress To Kill  02/12/2016

Ashley Callingbull is no textbook beauty queen. She may wear her crown better than most, but her greatest accomplishments extend far beyond the pageant stage. In her short time as Mrs.

The beauty queen who launched a scathing diatribe against the Canadian government

NY Times  16/09/2015

Recently crowned Mrs. Universe Ashley Burnham survived a childhood of poverty and abuse, and is determined to use her newfound fame as a platform for change.

‘I’m not going to shut up’: First Nations woman crowned Mrs. Universe urges Canadians to vote for new PM

National Post  02/09/2015

When Ashley Callingbull Burnham entered Miss Universe Canada — her first pageant — she was met with jeers like “What will her talent be? Drinking Lysol?” The sexual abuse survivor won second runner-up and silenced her critics.

'A perfect platform': Canadian Mrs. Universe on embracing First Nations culture to survive abuse

CTV Canada AM  31/08/2015

The Alberta First Nations woman who won this year’s Mrs. Universe pageant wants to use her title as a platform to speak about the kinds of physical and sexual abuse she experienced as a child.

All hail Ashley Callingbull: from ‘pageant girl’ to powerhouse

Chatelaine  7/12/2015

The newly-crowned Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, talks candidly about politics, First Nations poverty and what it’s really like on the pageant circuit. She’s the first Canadian and the first indigenous woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe.

Meet Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, Badass Beauty Queen

Flare Magazine  16/09/2015

She’s the first Canadian and the first indigenous woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe. But that’s not the only thing that sets actor and model Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, 25, apart from your average beauty queen.

New Mrs. Universe says Tory government treats First Nations people 'like terrorists'

CBC News  03/09/2015

The first Canadian and First Nations woman to win Mrs. Universe is using her new fame to urge aboriginal people in Canada to vote to oust the Conservatives in the federal election. Callingbull-Burnham, who is from Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation, west of Edmonton, won the Mrs. Universe contest Aug. 29.

Ashley Burnham, A Proud Cree Woman, Named Mrs. Universe 2015

Huffpost Alberta   02/09/2015

In a historic event on Saturday evening, Ashley Burnham became both the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe title, as well as the first First Nations contestant — ever. Burnham, who is better known by her maiden name, Ashley Callingbull, is from the Enoch Cree First Nation.

Women of the year: 30 Canadians who rocked 2015

Chatelaine  27/12/2015

For using her crown as a megaphone: Callingbull didn’t just shred the pageant queen stereotype upon winning Mrs. Universe in Belarus this fall — she became a real force for change on First Nations issues in Canada. The 26-year-old urged First Nations people to vote out Stephen Harper; this election, indigenous Canadians voted in record numbers. Best of all, she’s focused on empowering other indigenous kids with her story of resilience.

Mrs. Universe on Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women

The Globe and Mail  1/10/2015

For the longest time, Ashley Callingbull questioned her worth. As an Enoch Cree Nation child growing up west of Edmonton, she was physically and sexually abused. She went hungry, gathering bottles with her mother to scrounge money for food. Classmates threw rocks at her, called her “dirty Indian” and stole her only shoes – a $2 pair from Value Village.

10 reasons to love the new Mrs. Universe, Ashley Burnham

UP Worthy  11/09/2015

Ashley Burnham, a native of the great country of Canada, recently won the Mrs. Universe Pageant. Mrs. Universe is a beauty pageant for married women. But now it’s more than that. It’s a beauty pageant for beautiful women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and make me want to do a cartwheel of joy.

The Canadian Mrs. Universe winner is all kinds of amazing

Chatelain  01/09/2015

Less than 48 hours after being crowned, Ashley Callingbull called out Stephen Harper, spoke candidly about assault and challenged our assumptions about beauty queens. Alberta’s Ashley Callingbull plans to challenge all the stereotypes you have about beauty queens — and she’s not wasting any time.


Mrs. Universe Winner Ashley Callingbull On Manitobah Mukluks And First Nations Culture

Real Style 11/2016

Last year, Alberta beauty queen Ashley Callingbull took home the Mrs. Universe crown, as the debut Canadian winner. Not only was the 27-year-old actress the first Canuck to be crowned in the pageant, she was also the first ever indigenous woman to win the title. Callingbull, who was born on the Enoch Cree Nation reservation, has become an impressive role model in the First Nations community.

Mukluk-making school aims to revive tradition and encourage culture

The Sun: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Lifewise Canoe  18/11/2016

Ashley Callingbull, ambassador of the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School and Mrs. Universe 2015 just started the program herself and said it’s the school’s mission to keep indigenous culture alive that really drew her to it – and in case you were wondering, she’s a novice at beading.

Woman of Vision: Ashley Callingbull-Burnham first Canadian Indigenous woman to win Mrs. Universe title

Global News  11/01/2016

This month’s Woman of Vision is the first Canadian and first Indigenous woman to win the Mrs. Universe title. Ashley Callingbull-Burnham is from the Enoch Cree First Nation. The 26-year-old went from obscurity to being a powerful voice for First Nations’ issues. Lesley MacDonald has her story.

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Fest plans tribute to Jamie Prefontaine, a.k.a. Brooklyn

CBC News  18/11/2015

Ashley Callingbull-Burnham of Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation was the first aboriginal woman and the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe pageant. She speaks at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival on Wednesday night.

Callingbull to C-51: the influence of the indigenous vote

CBC Radio  11/10/2015

Ashley Callingbull was recently crowned Mrs. Universe 2015, and wasted no time sharing her thoughts on the current Conservative government and its relationship with Indigenous Peoples: ‘We’re human beings and we’re not being treated as such. I think it’s time we had a new government.’

Beauty queen more than just a pretty face: Mrs. Universe address elicits tears

Winnipeg Free Press  3/10/2015

“People think I’m too political on my first day as Mrs. Universe,” tweeted Ashley Callingbull-Burham after her win at the end of August. “Did you think I was going to sit there and look pretty.” And with that, a role model was born. Because no, this 25-year-old dynamo from Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation didn’t sit there and look pretty.

Ashley Callingbull says First Nations rights 'slowly being taken from us'

CBC News  2/10/2015

Vote. That’s the message Mrs. Universe had for indigenous students at the University of Manitoba Friday. The beauty pageant winner whose name is Ashley Callingbull was the keynote speaker at a panel discussion about how indigenous vote can affect the federal election.

Mrs Universe uses celebrity to bring attention to plight of indigenous women

Tangata Whenua News  22/09/2015

Last month Ashley Burnham Callingbull became both the first Canadian to win the Mrs. Universe title, as well as the first First Nations contestant — ever. Since that moment, she hasn’t stopped giving voice to the plight of indigenous women in Canada.

Mrs. Universe Calls Attention to Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women at TRU

Kamloops BC Now  16/09/2015

Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull will speak with her mother, Lisa Ground, on Wednesday during a special event at Thompson Rivers University. Fashion Speaks will offer a full day of events including dance performances, aboriginal musicians, and a designer fashion show.

Meet the 21 women who are inspiring us right now: Life’s work

Toronto Star, The Kit  03/20/2017

How Ashley Callingbull combines the unlikely titles of pageant queen and activist. Ashley Callingbull, the Canadian Enoch Cree former Mrs. Universe, is no stranger to using her position to bring attention to causes close to her heart. When she was crowned Mrs. Universe in 2015, she immediately called out Stephen Harper for his inaction on cases of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Mrs. Universe Beauty Queen Ashley Callingbull Shares Her Secrets To Flawless Skin And Hair

Real Style  11/2016

Recently, Real Style caught up with Callingbull at the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School at Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. The pageant winner currently acts as an ambassador for Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, which teaches the traditional art of mukluk making. Here’s what Callingbull had to share about her skincare, pageant makeup and hair care tips and techniques.

Ashley Callingbull Discusses Mrs. Universe Title

CP24  11/2016

Making Manitobah Mukluks on CP24

Jess Files: Jess Learns How to Make Mukluks

The Social 11/2016

CBC Edmonton's most viewed stories in 2015: Enoch Cree woman crowned Mrs. Universe

CBC Edmonton  30/12/2015

Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Callingbull from Alberta’s Enoch Cree Nation became the first First Nations woman (and first Canadian) to be crowned champion in the Mrs. Universe pageant. Since her win, Callingbull has used her fame to act as an advocate for First Nations people in Canada.

Thousands of students across Canada join Mrs. Universe for Global Dignity Day 2015

Nunavut Arctic College  21/10/2015

Thousands of students heard Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull, speak about dignity and belonging last week during the 8th Global Dignity Day celebrations in Canada, hosted from Ottawa by Giovanna Mingarelli and Terry Godwaldt from Edmonton!

Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull Named Canadian Dignity Role Model

First Nations Drum  9/10/2015

In August, Ashley Callingbull-Burnham was crowned Mrs. Universe 2015, defeating contestants from around the world. Since then she’s been on national television and has graced magazines and news publications, all while voicing her opinions on murdered and missing Aboriginal women and the latest federal elections, urging people to vote. Now she’s been named the Canadian Dignity Role Model by the International youth empowerment organization Global Dignity Canada.

Ashley Burnham, Mrs. Universe, Tells First Nations Students It's Important To Vote In Election

Huffington Post  3/10/2015

The first aboriginal woman to be named Mrs. Universe is telling First Nations students at the University of Manitoba that it’s important for everyone to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election. “Our future lies in the hands of the next government and also our children’s future, our grandchildren; we don’t want them to suffer,” Ashley Burnham said Friday.

Not your typical beauty queen

The Daily Telegraph  26/09/2015

But the bikini-clad contestants of the pageantry world are slowly challenging the edict that showcasing a seamlessly applied fake tan and sequinned evening gown is the sum total of their contribution. The recently crowned Mrs Universe — a rival to the more conventional Miss Universe pageant — was quick to use her platform to make a political call to arms to her fellow Canadians.

A Cree Woman From Alberta Just Won Mrs. Universe 2015

Buzzfeed  29/08/2015

Ashley Burnham, a member of Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta, was just crowned Mrs. Universe 2015 at an event held in Minsk, Belarus. She is the first First Nations woman and the first Canadian to win.

Former Mrs. Universe promoting traditional mukluk skills

Edmonton Journal  12/11/2016

A former Enoch Cree Nation woman and Mrs. Universe winner is putting her best foot forward for a group teaching people how to make mukluks and moccasins.

Ashley Callingbull-Burnham is volunteering as an ambassador for the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, which started offering weekly classes this fall at Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum.

Wednesday's editorial: Resolving to look on the bright side

Edmonton Journal  29/12/2015

Mrs. Canada Ashley Burnham (C) celebrates after being crowned Mrs. Universe during the Mrs. Universe 2015 pageant final in Minsk on August 29, 2015.

Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull Receives Canada's National Role Model Award

The Native News  21/10/2015

Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull will receive the Canada’s “Role Model Award” from the United Nations for Global Dignity Day in Ottawa, Ontario today. She also is celebrating her birthday.

Ashley Callingbull, left, poses for a selfie with David Suzuki while joining other actors, activists, and musicians in launching the Leap Manifesto

The Vancouver Sun  4/10/2015

Ashley Callingbull, left, poses for a selfie with David Suzuki while joining other actors, activists, and musicians in launching the Leap Manifesto.

'We can change the future': Canadian Mrs. Universe urges First Nations people to vote

CTV News  3/10/2015

A Canadian First Nations woman who won this year’s Mrs. Universe pageant is urging indigenous people to vote in the October federal election because their issues aren’t currently a “priority.” Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, 25, of the Enoch Cree Nation near Edmonton, was the keynote speaker at a panel discussion for indigenous students at the University of Manitoba on Friday.

Belinda Bullshoe presents dress to Mrs. Universe

Glacier Reporter  23/09/2015

Although being onstage with some of Canada’s top fashion designers was “intimidating” for local seamstress Belinda Bullshoe, she and her sister, Barbara Day Chief, and niece Tamara Gopher made it to Kamloops, BC, for the Sept. 16 “Fashion Speaks” event in honor of missing and murdered aboriginal women. Not only were Bullshoe’s designs presented first onstage, she was also offered first choice of models. Besides choosing her niece, Belinda also secured the services of Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull in modeling her creations.

5 Times Ashley Callingbull Has Enacted Intersectional Feminism as Mrs. Universe

Wear Your Voice  18/09/2015

Ashley Callingbull is a 25-year-old womyn from the Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta, Canada, who recently became the first native woman and the first Canadian to ever win the Mrs. Universe pageant. The Mrs. Universe pageant honors married women (and is in no way affiliated with the Donald Trump conglomerate), and while it still may feel quite archaic and anti-Feminist to most of our readers, what’s important to note is that Ashley has been utilizing this privileged position to leverage her voice for the needs of her Native Peoples, and against the mainstream in a very activistic and Feminist way.

Cree woman from Alberta crowned Mrs. Universe 2015

Toronto Star  30/08/2015

An aboriginal woman from Alberta has won an international pageant for married women. Ashley Burnham, 25, was crowned Mrs. Universe 2015 in Minsk, Belarus, on Saturday. “I’m so proud to say I am now the new Mrs. Universe 2015!” Burnham wrote on Instagram, following her historic win. “I am the first First Nations woman to win this title! I am also the first Canadian Delegate to win as well!”

Canadian Ashley Burnham Named Mrs. Universe 2015

HELLO  31/08/2015

Ashley Burnham has made history — two times over. This past weekend (Aug. 29), the stunning brunette became the first Canadian and First Nations contestant to ever claim the Mrs. Universe crown, similar to the popular Miss Universe pageant but catered to married contestants.