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31.05.2019 at 8:39

The inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls has spoken. Is Canada ready to listen?

Indigenous women are statistically more likely to experience violence than most everyone else: our women are 12 times more likely to be subjected to violence than non-Indigenous women.

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29.05.2019 at 8:41

NHL talent signs on for Northwestel hockey camp

“Ashley (Callingbull) is a great First Nations role model,” said Vallevand. “Wacey Rabbit plays in the ECHL and is also an amazing role model for the kids. They really take to him.

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Media Coverage
29.05.2019 at 8:40

Cheekbone Beauty is about more than a pretty face

Cheekbone Beauty aims high, bestowing honour — more than mere product names — on women like Cindy Blackstock, Ashley Callingbull, Buffy Sainte Marie and Olympic athlete Waneek Horn-Miller to create awareness and break down the walls between Indigenous communities and the rest of the world.

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Media Coverage
17.04.2019 at 8:38

Gene Frenette: As goal-scorer or on rodeo circuit, Icemen’s Rabbit feels at home

Eight years later, Rabbit feels comfortable with his hockey lot. Being back in North America, it also gives him more time to spend with his famous girlfriend, Ashley Callingbull, who has attended many Icemen games.

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Media Coverage
10.04.2019 at 8:38

The creator of Toronto’s Indigenous Fashion Week chooses 5 designers to watch

Sage Paul, who is an urban Denesuliné tskwe, a member of English River First Nation and a designer by trade, founded Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto (IFWTO) last year. She’s a huge advocate for her fellow Indigenous designers

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mental health enoch headstrong
05.03.2019 at 3:58

Youth summit highlights Enoch Cree Nation focus on mental health

Enoch Cree Nation is focusing on mental health issues within its community and a recent youth summit is a step toward that goal.

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Mental Health
02.03.2019 at 4:00
The Telegram

LETTER: A dollar a day for youth mental health

Even though we’re both from Newfoundland and Labrador, you might think that’s where the similarities end, since one of us is a musician-songwriter and the other is president and CEO of a pan-Canadian mental health organization.

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22.02.2019 at 4:01

Indigenous designers from B.C. and beyond head to Paris fashion week

Standing beneath the Eiffel Tower, the Hope-based designer will watch as 15 of her handmade, couture-quality creations are showcased on the runway as part of Indigenous Fashion Week. It will be a proud moment that she will never forget.

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the indigenous peoples march was about a lot more than the kids in maga hats
07.02.2019 at 4:04

The Indigenous Peoples March Was About a Lot More Than the Kids in MAGA Hats

he Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C. went viral online after a group of high school students from Kentucky mocked an indigenous Vietnam War veteran, Nathan Phillips, outside the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 18.

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lesley hampton taps intoindigenous heritage for toronto fashion week debut
05.02.2019 at 4:07
CTV News

Lesley Hampton taps into Indigenous heritage for Toronto Fashion Week debut

Emerging designer Lesley Hampton has woven fashion with activism ever since she launched her brand three years ago.

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indigenous peoples stage solidarity march washington
18.01.2019 at 4:09

Indigenous Peoples Stage Solidarity March on Washington

That’s the message thousands of international indigenous activists will be bringing to Washington Friday for the first ever Indigenous Peoples March.

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indigenous hope designer is paris bound for world renowned fashion week
31.12.2018 at 4:10

Indigenous Hope designer is Paris-bound for world-renowned fashion week

Linda Kay Peters will bring her designs, and local models, to Paris Fashion Week 2019

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canada s remembrance day poppy goes digit
30.10.2018 at 4:12

Canada’s Remembrance Day poppy goes digital

Margaret Atwood, Don Cherry, Ashley Callingbull and others join the Royal Canadian Legion in introducing the digital poppy

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alberta model ashley callingbull creates digital poppy to honour indigenous canadian veterans
26.10.2018 at 4:15
Edmonton Journal

Alberta model Ashley Callingbull uses new digital poppy to honour Indigenous veterans

Indigenous model Ashley Callingbull, from Enoch Cree Nation west of Edmonton, didn’t know much about her great-grandfather from Alberta involved in the Second World War.

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canada news pmn
26.10.2018 at 4:13
National Post

Royal Canadian Legion releases digital version of the Remembrance Day poppy

The Royal Canadian Legion launched a digital version of the distinctive red flower Friday, which it says can be customized, shared online and used as a profile image on sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Ashley Callingbull
22.10.2018 at 4:16

A Historic First: Canada’s Remembrance Day Poppy Goes Digital

Justin Bieber, Margaret Atwood, Don Cherry, Sandra Oh, Joannie Rochette, and others join the Royal Canadian Legion in introducing Canada’s new lapel Poppy partner: the “Digital Poppy”

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canadian risk takers
28.09.2018 at 5:20
Huffington Post

Successful Canadian Risk-Takers Under 30

Life in your 20s isn’t as glamorous as people say it is. We have books on the brain, rent to pay and packed schedules to juggle.

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kettle and stony-point first nation rediscover cultural roots
10.09.2018 at 4:18

Kettle and Stony Point First Nation rediscover cultural roots

HIPPEWAS OF KETTLE & STONY POINT FIRST NATION—Citizens of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation recently gathered to rediscover their cultural roots during their second annual Unity Gathering.

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